Covid-19 - What it means for our agency

DIAL/SELF COVID-19 update 07/01/2023

DIAL/SELF encourages, but in most cases does not require, the use of protective facemasks in indoor or outdoor settings, while on agency property or while acting in the community as an agent of the agency. DIAL/SELF encourages all staff and volunteers to be mindful of those they interact with and have a mask handy should a person they are interacting with in close proximity express a preference for them to wear a mask during that period of engagement. It is considered best practice for programs and staff (working with individuals) to determine among themselves what preferences are and to respectfully communicate that with each other and others more broadly when necessary. The expectation is that staff, volunteers or guests at DIAL/SELF will be required to wear a mask if asked to by those sharing space with them.

If an employee or volunteer is experiencing symptoms such persistent cough, sneezing and or runny nose they should wear a protective face mask to minimize any potential negative impact on others in the area and should speak with their supervisor about the ability to adjust their work location if possible. DIAL/SELF encourages the use of high quality masks such as N95, KN95 or KF94 rated to address more transmissible variants of COVID and other respiratory illnesses.

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