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DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps

Creativity *** Collaboration *** Respect *** Integrity *** Relationships *** Positive Youth Development

DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps Members build relationships with young people and support them in developing skills, connection, and confidence in their learning. They use activities such as arts, restorative circles, alternative learning, and collaborative coaching. They create opportunities for young people to set goals, drive their own solutions, make decisions, fail, learn and grow.

Established in 1996, DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps partners with area schools and youth-serving agencies to create unique full-time service opportunities throughout the river valley of Western Massachusetts. We serve a geographic area that spans from Greenfield to Springfield, from rural to urban settings.

For 10 months each academic year, DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps Members have roles that include

  • building relationships
  • supporting skill-development and social-emotional learning
  • amplifying youth leadership and restorative practices
  • designing creative approaches to learning
  • encouraging young peoples' autonomy, belonging, and confidence in themselves as learners.

Members are trained to use the conversational skills of "motivational interviewing" to support young people in setting goals and activating the resources they have for making progress on them. They meet young people where they're at and support them to get where they want to go.

The DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps program has three core elements:

  • On-site direct service with young people
  • Community team service projects
  • Weekly workshops covering topics such as: youth work best practices, arts in learning, motivational interviewing, conflict resolution, restorative circles & practices, positive youth development, multiple intelligences, fostering inclusion and equity, civic engagement, healing-centered engagement, life after AmeriCorps, and asset-based community development.

How DIAL/SELF Members Benefit

In return for 1700 hours of service (completed in 10 months), DIAL/SELF Members:

  • Earn a compensation package of up to $26,395, including personal/sick days. This includes a stipend of up to $19,000 and Segal Education Award of up to $7,395. The Education Award can be used to pay for pre-existing student loans or future education.
  • Members receive free health care and child care as needed.
  • Members can opt to forebear their student loan repayment during their service. Any interest that accrues during that 10 months will be paid by the National Service Trust.
  • Gain practical experience and build leadership skills that transfer across careers and vocations, particularly those related to education, youth work, the arts, nonprofits, social work and community work.
  • Make connections that lead to future opportunities in the region and beyond. Check out these testimonials from former DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps members.
  • Participate in a supportive learning community that challenges Members to build on their strengths and put their values into practice.

**Please note the living stipend should not impact DTA benefits the way an increase in typical employment income might.

DIAL/SELF encourages people of all backgrounds and identities to apply! DIAL/SELF makes reasonable accommodations for service and interviews.

DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps is now accepting applications for AmeriCorps Members for the 2024-2025 service year.
Apply Here! to Join for August, 2024 - June 2025. Please include two references using This Reference Form.

The Member Coordinator of the DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps Program is Kaydance Scotto. Kaydance can be reached at 413-774-7054 ext. 101 or

Illustrating collaboration and positive youth development: Andrea, Jackie, Marina and Edwin

Illustrating collaboration and positive youth development: Andrea, Jackie, Marina and Kaleb

Special Note: DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps could not exist without our incredible network of partner schools and organizations throughout the Connecticut River Valley.

Current and Former Site Partners Include: Amherst Boys & Girls Club, Amherst Middle School, Amherst Regional High School, Athol Royalston School District, Baystate-Springfield Educational Partnership, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Franklin and Hampshire Counties, The Brick House Community Resource Center, The Children's Study Home, Community Action Youth Programs, Community Coalition for Teens, Community Music School of Springfield, Connections of Holyoke, Easthampton High School, Enchanted Circle Theater, Enlace de Familias, DIAL/SELF Youth & Community Servicies, Four Rivers Public Charter School, Franklin-Hampshire Regional Employment Board, Gandara Center, GLSEN Western MA, Gill-Montague School Department, Greenfield YMCA, Greenfield High School, Greenfield Recreation Department and Youth Center, Hampshire Educational Collaborative, Hilltown Cooperative Charter School, Holyoke High School, Hope for Youth and Families, LightHouse of Holyoke, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, MassHire Holyoke, Montague Elementary, Montague Catholic Social Ministries, Música Franklin, Newton Elementary - Greenfield, North Star Self-Directed Learning for Teens, Opportunity Academy @ Holyoke Public Schools, Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School, Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School, Safe Schools Safe Streets Coalition, Project Coach, ServiceNet, Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, Tapestry Health Systems, Town of Amherst - ODEI & CRESS, TreeHouse Community, United Arc, Upward Bound Northfield Mount Hermon, Upward Bound - UMass

New in 2019, DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps partnered with the UMass Amherst Upward Bound program to create a 10-member intensive residential Summer Corps in support of Upward Bound's Summer Leadership Academy. Please contact us for more details.

DIAL/SELF AmeriCorps serves the comunities of Western Massachusetts in partnership with the Massachusetts Service Alliance and AmeriCorps. Thank you!